Pretzel Pretzel adds a new Twist to the Edwardsville Food Scene

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

Yet another franchise food spot was added to Edwardsville, but this one is straying away from others. 

After the success of the Pretzel Pretzel franchise in Missouri locations, two Granite City natives decided to open one in Edwardsville.

Pretzel Pretzel was opened on Jan. 8, but most still have never heard of it.

When my friend told me about wanting to try it, I had no idea what she was talking about. And when I mentioned it to my friends, they all seemed confused as well. 

So where is this mystery pretzel spot? In one of the worst places for business in Edwardsville, the intersection of Center Grove and Troy Road.

Social media reviews are flooded with complaints about the new spots location. One comment says how it is “a death trap of a parking lot.” 

An unusual concept for a food place, absolutely no promotion, and a location that consists of failing businesses all sound like the recipe to a short-lived food spot.

But Pretzel Pretzel seems to be going against those odds as they have had customers lining up since the grand opening.

The store doesn’t provide a drive-thru or delivery option, so the only way to order is in store. 

While I do love the closer option for a pretzel that is not Auntie Anne’s in Fairview, Auntie Anne’s is a convenient excuse to treat yourself after dropping way too much money at the mall. 

But would I ever go to the mall with the intention to go to Auntie Anne’s? No.

Did I however go out of my way to get this pretzel? Yes.

And I am sorry to say, but I probably will never do it again. 

The one thing I did really love about it was the pricing. For six cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets it was only around $4, which is really uncommon for food places in town. They also had many other cheap options, including combos, stuffed hot dog pretzels and party trays of pretzel nuggets.

 But the food itself didn’t wow me, but it also wasn’t awful. 

This must not be the case for everyone, however, because the store was filled with customers. 

The store didn’t seem to expect the amount of customers based on the layout. When you walked in, customers were standing tightly together in the small area waiting for their food. There was nowhere to sit and the only place to stand was right next to the door. 

The customer service was quick, only taking about five minutes to get all customers orders and have their food ready. 

Overall, as much as I like the uniqueness of the business, I think it was too inconvenient for me to ever go back. As much as I love cinnamon sugar pretzels, I don’t love it enough to go out of my way to buy one again.