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O.J. Simpson dies at 76

AP Newsroom
O.J. Simpson appears in court Aug. 26, 1994.

In a moment that stirred both nostalgia and controversy, O.J. Simpson, the former football player turned infamous American icon, passed away from cancer at the age of 76 on April 10.

His death has caused reflections on his life, from his success on the football field to his trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ronald Goldman.

As news of his passing spreads, EHS’s reactions are mixed. They reflect the complex legacy of a man whose life was defined by triumph and tragedy alike.

Junior Charlie Kurzym is an O.J. fanatic when it comes to his promising football career, and was rocked by the news of his passing.

“I think it’s really unfortunate because O.J. Simpson was one of those players that changed the game,” Kurzym said. “He really solidified the importance of the running back position. Furthermore, he averaged 47 yards per rush, which is absolutely unheard of.”

Simpson, born on July 9, 1947, rose to fame as a running back for the Buffalo Bills during the 1970s. His athletic skill earned him many awards, including five Pro Bowl selections and the MVP award in 1973. 

However, it was his infamous murder trial in 1994 that put him on the stand of one of the most widely watched legal dramas in American history.

Despite a mountain of evidence against him, Simpson was acquitted of the murders in a verdict that remains controversial to this day

Sydney Chong, a senior at EHS, is strongly against his acquittal.

“There is no reason someone with so much evidence against them should get off scot free,” Chong said. “Especially on something as important as a murder trial.”

Following his acquittal, Simpson’s life took a downward spiral, marked by legal troubles and personal scandals. Despite the controversies that surrounded him, Simpson remained a prominent figure in American culture.

“I think O.J. Simpson’s death is one of those major cultural events,” Kurzym said. “As young adults, all of us were born after the Simpson trial so we only know him in a world where he is perceived by the mass public as a killer, and I think that contributes to some of the posts being made about [his death] online.”

Internet memes or not, Simspon is a character that has fascinated the masses since he first stepped onto the football field. His death leaves people just as confused as ever, but his sports legacy does live on.

“So did O.J. do it? I’m not at liberty to say,” Kurzym said. “But was OJ a great football player? Yes, he was.”