Grimes Skews Her Style

Sydney Hershberger, Staff Writer

Grimes has been known for her innovative and sometimes strange sounding style since her start in 2007. Her recent announcement of pregnancy, however, has brought lots of media attention, hence why this album got a lot more attention than just her regular fans.

Grimes’s style usually consists of a synth and bass. The melodies and beats are fairly simple, but her voice is what tends to stick out among the melancholy.

Her voice is high and almost childlike. It would be safe to say that it’s an acquired taste.

Her lyrics are also another standout in her songs. She often sings about her personal experiences.

One of my personal favorites in this category is her song “Oblivion” which is a catchy tune at first glance, but the lyrics are about her experience with sexual assault and how it affected her life afterward.

The line that sticks out the most is “I’ll never walk alone after dark; it’s my point of view”.

Her lyrics hit hard, but due to her stylized voice, it is sometimes hard to understand without looking at the lyrics.

As someone who was somewhat familiar with Grimes’ previous work I thought I knew what to expect. Key words, “I thought”.

While Grimes previously had songs that were about serious issues, seldom did they hit as hard as the society targeted songs in “Miss Anthropocene”

In an interview Grimes explained that her album was based on the idea around the gods of society. The song “Violence” is meant to be the god of video games, “My Name is Dark” the god of political apathy and “Delete Forever” the god of suicide.

The album does hold some of the same style that is part of Grimes’ music, but there’s a sort of darkness that surrounds the overall tone of the album.

From what I’ve seen in interviews and the album cover, I believe this was entirely intentional.

This album is a commentary on society, but it is also a tribute to her late friend who passed away from cancer.

While some Grimes fans might not be pleased with the different style, I really liked this new direction she decided to take with this album. It left me wondering, “What will she do next?”