Console Gaming is for Everyone, Unlike PC Gaming

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

PC and console gamers have been at war with each other since the beginning of PC and console gaming.

Which of these is truly better, though?

PC gamers claim that keyboards are more precise and easier to use, which is true and that’s why I don’t like to use them.

I think the purpose of many games isn’t made to be easy and that’s why console is the best option. Using a PC defeats the purpose of many games. Especially when playing cross-player (playing with people using different platforms).

For example, many people play Fortnite on different platforms.

Part of the technique in Fortnite is building. Building on PC is done quite easier than it is on console. The only nice thing about this is you can turn off cross-player for Fortnite.

Honestly, it’s pretty ridiculous when a 9-year-old steps you up in a game because he has a PC.

Another downfall to PC gaming is the price. PC gaming requires buying a desktop and a monitor. According to Best Buy’s website, one of their only desktops that cost under $1000 costs $849.99. This is not including the monitor.

Your simple Xbox One S costs $249.99 and a PS4 is $299.99 from Best Buy.

PC can be cheaper if you build one. This means though that you have to know how, put the money into buying the parts and put the time into building it.

This can save you hundreds of dollars but then you’re losing time instead of money, unless you really know what you’re doing.

If you’re looking to put a good amount of money into gaming, PC is the way to go but if you’re just an average gamer, nothing professional, it’s not necessary to have the whole PC setup.