‘Halloween’ Is a Thriller That Always Pleases

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

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With Halloween approaching, what better movie is there to watch than the 1978 classic “Halloween?”

The movie begins by explaining the background of Michael Myers, the infamous killer in the movie. It explains how he became a murderer at a young age and was placed in a psychiatric ward as a result.

Myers escapes the ward when he’s older and embarks on a killing spree.

Usually if a movie takes too long to establish the plot, I fall asleep, but Halloween didn’t take long at all to explain it.

The movie truly didn’t feel drawn out. “One reason Halloween has aged so well is that it wastes little time on character development, plot, theme or any other element…” a review from the New York Times said.

For the time the movie was made, the graphics honestly were minimal and effective, such as the shadow effects, which surprised me. Most older films I’ve seen don’t have the best graphics and don’t look very realistic.

I like that the plot is pretty realistic. Someone could actually escape a psychiatric ward and go on a murder spree, but the twist of it is Myers cannot be killed, which isn’t so realistic.

While of course it was cheesy at some points, the theme song that played when Myers would enter a room added to the overall creepiness of the movie.

The theme song also adds to what makes this movie such a popular classic Halloween movie.

Every time something bad was going to happen, it was obvious because of the song, but you still didn’t know what, or when exactly it was going to happen, you just know it’s coming, which leaves you in great suspense.

If you’re looking for a good, classic Halloween movie, “Halloween” is for you.