The Met Gala Hosts Dazzling Designs

Zoe Robinson, Staff Writer

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The annual Met Gala always brings around viral pictures and outfits, along with some classic celebrity drama. This year’s Met Gala, themed after Catholicism, brought out some outfits that will be talked about for years to come.

Singer-songwriter Rihanna took the whole show with a beaded Pope-inspired dress by Margiela, accentuated with a matching beaded shawl, Pope’s hat and crucifix necklace.

Rihanna is well-known for showing up to the Met Gala as, some would consider, the best-dressed. According to the New York Times, people were heavily anticipating what she would show up in this year.

Keeping up with the single-name theme was Zendaya, who came in a look inspired by Joan of Arc. Zendaya appeared in a chain-link dress by Versace and a short, bobbed wig.

“Zendaya loves drama,” stylist Law Roach said. “When you have someone who thrives off it, who loves it, who’s addicted to fashion, we can go drama.”

Roach explained how he got the inspiration for the Joan of Arc look after having a dream about her. He had wanted to do a look inspired by a strong female character who had a connection to Catholicism.

Chadwick Boseman, always elegant as his lead role in “Black Panther,” came in a cape-tivating white and gold look by Versace. It included a three-piece suit with golden designs, highlighting the look with an elegant matching cape embellished with golden crosses.

Boseman was one of the only men to nail the theme at the Met Gala this year, as most of the other male celebrities wore simple black tuxedos.

On the other hand, NFL quarterback Tom Brady received a negative clap-back after wearing a black tux by Versace with gold embroidering on the lapel. Many people on Twitter mocked him, saying he looked like a “dragon slayer,” “accountant for a mariachi” and a “James Bond super-villian” to name a few.

But overall, everyone dazzled the cameras nonetheless and the wait is on for the 2019 theme.

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The Met Gala Hosts Dazzling Designs