EHS Holds New Friends Prom for FLS, Castle Students


FLS and Castle students dance with Student Council to at New Friends Prom 2023

Annisyn Krebs-Carr, Staff writer

The newly returned New Friends Prom, held last Friday, provided a fun and safe prom experience for high school students with disabilities, focusing on making an accepting environment that was catered towards everyone. 

“New Friends Prom is an inclusive prom for the FLS and Castle students, not only for students at EHS, but surrounding schools as well,” Key Club President Makaila Odell said. “Prom can be too over stimulating for some students, with the loud noises and flashing lights. The point of this event is to give all students the chance of enjoying prom in a safe way. ”

According to Odell, New Friends Prom was a large event in previous years, but was put on hold because of the pandemic.

“Hopefully as the years go on and more people learn about it, it will once again become a big event every year.”

Members of student council and key club have been preparing for months to put on this all-inclusive dance, working hard to make sure it was a fun and safe time for students in attendance. 

“Our student council officers were able to divide us into groups to efficiently set up each aspect of the dance to ensure maximum satisfaction from the teens,” student council member Axton Anom said.

There were plenty of games, snacks, and photo opportunities for the attendees, corresponding with the dances theme.  

“We vote on the theme as a council, and this year was picked candy land,” said student council member Izzy O’day. 

According to O’day not only was the theme and dance popular with EHS students, but also with attendees from other schools as well.

“Students loved it…. Everyone seemed to be having a great time,” O’day said. “We had a lot of Granite City kids come up to us asking if we do this all the time because they never do stuff like that. It just made me so happy we could host something so special for everyone in the area.”

Anom said what made this dance particularly special was the ability to meet new people from all over the area. 

“I loved interacting with new people and dancing with new friends,” Anom said. “Everybody was able to meet other kids from other schools, play games and dance freely in a comforting and welcoming environment. I hope they continue this and make it a tradition… I believe they will after the great feedback we’ve received.”