Newly Established Ninth Grade Meetings are a ‘Waste,’ Students Say

Pera Onal, Editor-in-Chief

This year, the class of 2026 have had monthly meetings in attempt to unify students and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Vince Schlueter, previously the principal at Columbus Elementary, said the idea came from wanting to replicate the morning meetings that he used to hold for the elementary students.

“I wanted to start with the ninth grade this year and find time to meet with them regularly to celebrate accomplishments, to talk about concerns… just so they always hear a common theme from me,” Dr. Schlueter said.

Having meetings on regular basis, he said, as opposed to once or twice a year, helps reinforce the things he talks about and updates the students on how they’re doing.

“It gives me an opportunity to build a positive relationship with them and for them to get to know me and hear my guidance,” he said.

In addition, these meetings are a way that Dr. Schlueter is trying to help prepare the students for their upcoming years in high school.

“I plan on trying to continue it with them as they go from ninth to tenth… as they get into junior year, and they have to worry about SATs, and as they become seniors,” he said. “We can combine with guidance counselors… so they can hear that common message.”

In a survey taken from the freshman, some students said these meetings are helpful, because it informs the grade on how to improve themselves. But most said they’re “just a waste of valuable class time” because of the numerous statistics being spewed at them, along with the lack of advice given by other administrators.

“I would love if the meetings would be more positive and informative,” one response said.

Other responses said they aren’t useful because no one pays attention or takes them seriously.

“We get told the statistics of who is failing, and who isn’t,” another student said in the survey. “My thing is, you know if you’re failing or not…we just don’t care.”