The ‘Overthrow of the Student Government’…Or Is It?

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

A club of eight seniors leads the entire class of 2023 seniors. But recently they have been overlooked by the own class they represent.

The senior student government consists of President Tyler Dacus, Co-Vice Presidents Maranda Fosse and Axton Anom, Secretary Kaila Marshall, Historian Reese Noll, and Co-Treasurers Cole Simpson and Isabella O’Day. They were all elected at the end of the 2021-2022 school year by their classmates.

The student officers run the Class of 2023 GroupMe, sit in the front for the class picture and Dacus will make a speech at graduation. But their responsibilities as officers remain unknown to many students.

The Class of 2023 GroupMe was made by the officers to supply seniors a place to get information and to ask questions.

One of the first rules for the group chat was to not talk until completely necessary. But a few students have broken that rule since the start.

Even with the pleas by officers, especially Dacus, the comments continued to be sent. This caused many other seniors to either leave the group chat or mute it. This also causes important information to be overlooked.

Recently, the topic of the comments has been about the class officers and their work. 

One comment asked for an “overthrow of the student government” which started a debate between other students. 

“It’s upsetting because we do put a lot of time and work into projects, but a lot of those things are behind the scenes,” Fosse said. 

While the officers don’t plan big events, like homecoming or prom, it doesn’t mean their work should be overlooked.

“We really just do a lot of the small things that people don’t even realize go on until the class gift is given at the end of the senior year,” O’Day said. 

So, what are some of these small jobs?

Officers help with graduation, fundraising and in producing the class video shown at the homecoming pep rally. They also are the voice of the student body for concerns for the admin. 

“We address the concerns the class has with the proper administration, and I don’t think people utilize us enough to help improve what they see needs to change,” Dacus said. 

One of the main goals of the officers is to please as many people as possible and make a positive impact on their class.

“We want to make sure the class enjoys it as much as they can,” Dacus said.