EHS Dance Team Takes First Place


Destiny Albrecht

The EHS dance team does their routine on Jan. 7, 2022 in the EHS gymnasium.

Destiny Albrecht, Staff writer

EHS Dance had an outstanding performance after hosting a multiple school competition in which they dominated the brackets.

The pressure was on during the performance after spending several days planning this event, yet they succeeded and had a blast.

Senior Desi Snyder said that many students of EHS and the dance team families showed their support through cheers while also helping conduct the competition.

Parents and students helped with set-up as well as cleaning the school afterwards. Organization was important during this event so they had parents stamping hands after the audience paid to get in to ensure safety and make it clear they had already paid.

“We have been doing this since middle school,” Joann Snyder said, “so I think we’ve got it down by now. We tried our best to make the event enjoyable for the audience. I worked concessions with my husband and it was awesome to see all the different schools come in.”

According to Desi, the team and its helpers worked hard for several days in order to make this a fun and arranged experience.

Even teachers, including Mr. Herman, were judges, announcing competing schools and giving accurate scores based on the performances.

The crowd was respectful when it came to quieting down and staying in their seats as the students completed their routines to the music blasting from the gym speakers.

“I was able to take a break from the chaos and watch my daughter perform her solo and team dance,” Joann said. “We were supporting them throughout the entire day, no matter if we were spectating or working the job.”

Junior Kylie Johnson had the same idea once she saw her friends and family up in the bleachers.

“Being able to compete on our own floor felt great,” Johnson said, “especially with all of our friends and family cheering us on. There was no greater feeling.”

Clapping and cheering after each performance was motivation for the team, resulting in their successful outcome of the competition.

They placed first in the IHSA Class 3A category, Class 3A Lyrical category and Class 3A Hip Hop category. Clearly they have made a name for themselves and continue to succeed on this steak as they move on to state competition in Springfield.

“We were very happy with the turnout and also very happy with our performances,” Desi said. “Obviously we’re always proud of each other for the hard work that goes into the routines no matter the outcome, but it is always nice to be rewarded with winning for the devotion and time we spent putting in the effort.”