Beyoncé’s Glorious Return to the Spotlight, in Dubai


Courtesy of AP Images

Beyonce accepting the NAACP award in 63th Annual Grammy’s on March 14, 2021.

Kody Moore, Staff writer

After the birth of twins in 2017, Beyoncé announces that she was taking a break from concerts.

It took over six years to see the return of Beyoncé in a concert venue.

The star-studded attended concert opened on Saturday night in Dubai with Etta James’ well-known song “At Last.” She sang the song lonely on the stage. 

The internet and I both agreed that this was a great way to return back to performing concerts.

Prior to the arrival of the other musicians and Beyoncé’s dancers, who remained motionless with their hands folded in front of the Egyptian-themed backdrop, violinists in long red skirts and shimmering gold headpieces took the stage.

The entire set, from start to finish, was stunning.

Surprisingly, Beyoncé did not perform a song from her latest album Renaissance at all throughout the performance. The LGBTQ+ community found this offensive.

The United Arab Emirates has numerous regulations that forbid same-sex relationships.

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community reportedly questioned why she didn’t play a song from Renaissance or why she only discussed gay rights when it was advantageous, according to a Buzzfeed piece.

Despite the strict restrictions on what women can wear in Dubai, Beyonce almost always showed skin. Compared to her backup dancers, she was permitted to show a lot more skin.

One noteworthy moment during the performance was when Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy made a cameo appearance in “Brown Skin Girls.” This appeared to be Blue Ivy’s first time performing on stage.

The event was held in the brand-new Atlantis Resort, which has been dubbed the world’s most luxurious resort. On Feb. 10 when it opens to the public, a night in Beyonce’s suite will set you back more than $100,000.

According to reports, Beyoncé received almost $24 million for this 75-minute performance.

For all participants, a strict no-phone restriction was also in place. It was forbidden to take pictures of or record the event. 

Even though it was a no-phone policy, there are still clips from the concert spread throughout the internet.

Beyoncé performed “Crazy in Love” during the final set while being elevated higher than 16 feet in the air. Numerous fireworks and sparks were also used to mark the conclusion of the impressive performance.

Beyoncé told the media following the performance that she is prepared to resume her musical career.

Overall this performance reminded us about overall of Beyoncé’s career. If you can find a recording of this concert on the internet you should really spend 75 minutes enjoying what Beyoncé provided us for the last 20 years.