Frank Ocean Fails Fans at Coachella 2023


courtesy AP Images

Frank Ocean pose for the picture at Met Gala 2019.

Kody Moore, Staff writer

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated performance at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival left some fans disappointed, as the elusive singer-songwriter failed to meet their expectations.

The crowd had eagerly awaited Ocean’s appearance, hoping for an unforgettable performance from the artist who had previously wowed with his vocals. 

People came across the country to see him perform live at Coachella. However, as the set progressed, some fans began to express their disappointment on social media, citing issues with over-hour delay and Frank performing from behind the set.

Many fans traveled for over four hours to witness their favorite artist, including TikTok users Jahinluv and Tahliaparis.

The first red flag came when Youtube which streams all of Coachella stated that they will not be live-streaming Ocean’s event via Twitter.

Fewer than two hours before the concert, many of Ocean’s fans who couldn’t attend were eager to watch Ocean but were soon denied admission.

“Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella livestream. The current schedule is in the description.” tweeted by Youtube.

Even though the people online couldn’t watch, the people who paid hundreds of dollars to watch him perform live also did not get a good show.

“As we wait for Frank Ocean and he is 43 minutes late and counting, are we all being pranked?” Twitter user Vannesafranko tweets, “Did the live stream get pulled because there is actually no show? #coachella #frankchella.”

When he finally started the concert, many fans thought that he was not engaged with the act and performed half his set behind the stage.

Fans that were in attendance were left feeling let down by the lack of energy and engagement from the performer, who appeared distant and disconnected at times.

This was the first time Frank performed live in more than 6 years.

Ocean and his team sights the delays were caused by disagreements about rules by Coachella. 

However, for many die-hard Frank Ocean fans, the performance ruins their fandom for their favorite artist. Many fans waited on the set for over 10 hours just to get a front-row seat.

Due to the failure that happens in week one, Ocean is now replaced by Blink-182 and a mystery artist for the headline of week two at Coachella.