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Cohort Student Breaks Down Dual Credit Opportunities

Cohort Q & A with Colin Walsh

As our school administrators increase our course options, Lewis and Clark Community College cohort classes have simultaneously seen an increase in enrollment. Many students are aware that these classes take place off campus and are dual credit, meaning that they contribute to college credits immediately after graduating. The program was put in place to provide juniors and seniors with an associate degree. Junior Colin Walsh, a student at LCCC in the cohort classes, delves into one of the new additions to our ever-growing curriculum.

Q. What makes college classes so different from high school classes?

A. The difference really comes down to the teacher and professors. Since we are considered college students, the professors allow us to have more freedom, both in our work and in the classroom itself. We are also treated as we are in college which allows for types of conversations with the professors that you can’t have with a normal teacher. 

 Q. When you were signing up for the LCCC cohort, what was the most enticing thing about them? 

A. The most interesting part to me was the fact that I would be able to get some of my Gen-Ed classes done while still in high school.

Q. Has your overall experience with the cohort classes been positive or negative? 

A. My experience has been extremely positive, and I am excited to continue with the cohort next year. I look forward to attending class almost every day and it feels much more laid back than a typical high school class.

Q. Would you recommend cohort classes to other students? Why or why not? 

A. I would recommend it to everyone. The classes are a great way to try something new academically, and it is also extremely beneficial and will help anyone immensely when it comes time to fill out their college application.

Q. What do you think is the greatest benefit of college classes? 

A. I think that the greatest benefit is the fact that you are taking classes that you can get completely out of the way once you go to another college. Essentially, you are building up your college GPA while still in high school.

Q. What do you think students need to know before signing up for them? 

A. I think everyone should know how much the cohort matters and that it should be taken very seriously, since you are becoming a part-time college student. Your grades in these cohort classes are put on your college transcript, from my understanding.

Q. How difficult were the classes you took? Why?  

A. The classes can be a bit challenging at times, but overall, the professors do such a good job that it makes learning very easy. I did very well on the tests, and many of the professors are lenient when it comes to re-doing work to achieve a better score. 

Q. How close are you to getting your associate degree?

A. We aren’t very sure how close we are to getting our associate degree. Although we won’t get it directly through the cohort, it makes it extremely easy to accomplish rather than through four years in college. Plus, it takes so much less time than it would to get it without the help of the classes at Lewis and Clark.