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New Program Strives to Shape Teachers of Tomorrow

As the date for next year’s course selection comes closer, students will see many new additions in the course handbook, including the two teaching classes.

Accompanying them is the Tiger Teachers of Tomorrow club, another effort by the staff to generate appeal for careers in education.

The club was created by science teachers Sara Chapman and Amanda Arteberry and business teacher Nicole Heap while they were creating the curriculum for the teaching classes. Future Teachers Program 1 and Tiger Teachers of Tomorrow were introduced at the beginning of this school year.

The club acts as an extension of the classes, but isn’t limited to those enrolled, and is another resource that can provide support for students interested in teaching.

Mrs. Chapman wanted to create the club because she thought it could be an additional, low-pressure opportunity for students who didn’t have room in their schedules for the classes.

“I’m passionate about the future of education and encouraging those interested in a career in teaching or working in education,” Mrs. Chapman said.

Developing the first class and the club took over a year and consisted of finding proper curriculum materials, like textbooks, assessments and assignments. The teachers’ focus last semester was creating the second course, Future Teachers Program 2.

“There is a shortage of teachers right now,” Mrs. Arteberry said. “I wanted to promote the profession in a positive way.”

According to the Pew Research Center, colleges have seen a significant decrease in aspiring teachers. In the 2019-20 school year, data shows that only 4% of bachelor’s degrees were in education, which was a 19% drop from those in 2000-01.

Mrs. Arteberry encourages people to participate in the club for an introduction to the various careers and experiences education can offer. One main reason she loves her job is the daily interactions she has with students.

“Anyone who is going into the educational field has to understand that it is not for the money but for the joy that you will get when you see the lightbulb go off in a student’s head,” Mrs. Arteberry said. “That is the greatest payment I get from my profession.”

Junior Henry Winslow hopes that as vice president of Tiger Teachers of Tomorrow, he can help the club gain more attention and make a difference in the teaching community.

He joined the club because of the opportunities it strives to provide, like scholarships and college trips, and because of his long-term interest in teaching.

“It’s building connections with students…the fact that teachers have the power to shape the mold of the future,” Winslow said. “It gives a very high intrinsic value to being a teacher.”

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