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The Nerves Behind The Curtain

Zach Kennett
Chris Fuller playing Squidward in last year’s production of Spongebob.

One would think that performing in front of more than 600 people would be the most nerve-wracking part of the theater experience but auditioning in front of a few trusted adults presents a far more harrowing obstacle.

Similar to sports tryouts, one day of talent showcasing determines which students spend the following months honing their craft and which students sit at home and wait for their next chance to wow the judges.

For some, the audition process begins months before the big day.

“I practiced all summer,” senior Brenden McCauley said. “We didn’t know what song would be chosen for the audition, so I just worked on all of them.”

But instead of workouts or shooting free throws as a way to practice, kids are in charge of learning a song and a dance given to them by their directors.

The workload picks up the week of auditions as songs are chosen and the dance routine is finalized.

“Most of my practice time was the week of auditions,” sophomore Liv Warner said. “I worked for hours every night and I think what drove me was how badly I wanted it.”

When the long-awaited day finally arrives, the audition jitters set in.

“I get super nervous right before I go on,” Warner said. “My mouth gets dry and my stomach hurts like crazy. It’s suddenly real. It’s not practice, it’s not in front of my parents, it’s the real thing.”

Even the most seasoned members of Edwardsville High School Drama Club may grapple with a case of ill-timed stage fright.

Senior Sophia Holobaugh said she still experiences anxiety before stepping on to the stage even after her sixth high school audition.

“No matter how many times I audition for a show I still get a little nervous,” Holobaugh said. “I would say that the more I audition the more I get used to the nerves. Now I can use them to my advantage instead of letting them take over my mindset.”

Whether all of the hard work will pay off is not visible to students until the cast list comes out days later.

Until then, auditionees sit with bated breath and roiling stomachs as they await the email that will determine their after-school schedule for the next three months.

Though this whole process may seem like a nightmare, many enjoy the thrill of it all.

“I secretly love the rush [auditioning] gives me,” Warner said. “It’s strangely calming. The second I walk on stage I relax and all of my worries disappear.”

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Sydney Andrews
Sydney Andrews, Staff Writer
Sydney Andrews is a senior and a first-year journalism student. She is an officer for National English Honors Society, the president of Tri-m Music Honors Society and is a member of NHS and Spanish Honors Society. She is also very involved in EHS Drama Club and loves to read in her spare time (not that there is much of that). She plans to pursue a career in law but has always taken an interest in journalism and hopes that it will help better her writing skills this year.
Zach Kennett
Zach Kennett, Sports Editor
Zach Kennett is a first-time journalism student and first-time member of the Claw. He currently serves as the co-editor-in-chief of The Tiger, which is the school’s yearbook. He formerly served as the managing editor. He has also won two sectional titles in scholastic journalism, with one being in news writing and the other being in sports writing. Zach enjoys spending his (dwindling) free time with his dogs, playing video games, cooking or driving his truck, Hank. Being a member of the Claw is important to him in that he was previously mentored by former Claw members and looks forward to leaving his mark on the publication.