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AP Students Skyrocket

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As college approaches for some upperclassmen, AP classes at EHS are suddenly taking on a significantly larger number of students this school year than last. 

AP Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP US History, AP Environmental Science. Some of last year’s one-class AP courses have since doubled in size, teachers say.

Senior Ella Proctor, having taken two AP classes last year and three this year, said she thinks the sudden increase in numbers comes from the students’ want to expand parts of their schedule and explore potential interests.

“I also took more [AP classes] because I wanted to get credit before going to college,” Proctor said.

English teacher Heather Haskins has two sections of AP English Lit and Comp this year and knows the worth of taking a college-level course. 

“The obvious benefits are getting the test score…that you need in order to get credit for that first year of college,” Mrs. Haskins said. “Beyond that, I think what I hope students get from this course is the ability to think critically, the ability to analyze literature, the ability to question and then to back up that questioning.”

This influx in student AP interest might also have to do with the introduction of a new class just last year.

Written and introduced by English teacher Kirk Schlueter, AP Lang provides a welcoming environment for students new to AP, according to senior Sloan Watson.

“I think AP Lang in conjunction with APUSH was a really good way for me personally to start taking AP classes,” Watson said. “Coming out of [AP Lang], I felt very strong on my ability to develop strong essays and understand other writers’ work, which has been really helpful in my other AP classes.”

As students prepare to choose next year’s classes, seniors like Lily McClain encourage underclassmen to take advantage of the resources available. 

“[AP classes] gave me the opportunity to learn in a different way, rather than just busywork,” McClain said. “They taught me how to actually understand concepts instead of just memorizing. I hope the freshmen and sophomores give themselves the chance to experience that.”

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Georgia Gaughan
Georgia Gaughan, Student Life Editor
Georgia Gaughan is a second-year journalism student at EHS. She is the student life editor for The Claw and Tiger Times Online. Outside of journalism, Georgia is the vice president of National Honor Society and enjoys planning homecoming with student council. Her favorite month is October and she will never pass up the opportunity to eat at a new Mexican restaurant. After high school, she hopes to major in finance at Purdue University but will continue to write for student publications in college.