EHS Competes Against O’Fallon To Tackle Hunger

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

While the tigers are facing off in O’Fallon in football and soccer this week, they are also engagining in a different battle- the tackle for hunger.

Tackle Hunger is a KSDK led food drive, with sponsorship of Neighbor’s Credit Union, to help support Operation Food Search, a hunger relief organization.

KSDK brought the competition of the Friday night home game against O’Fallon off the field for a good cause.

Students were asked to bring in nonperishable food items throughout the week to beat the competing school for the weight of the total items brought.

The items brought will go to support different food banks in and around the St. Louis area. 

As the week went on, all of the bins were filled with different types of food and other nonperishable items. From multiple bags of items to just one item, student’s were bringing in what they could to help. 

“It’s about the fact that Edwardsville student’s are stepping up to do the right thing and I’m proud of everybody.” Principal Dr. Steve Stuart said. 

One student who went above and beyond was junior Will Wojciezak. Wojciezak brought over 1000 pounds of items in two days for the drive.

“It feels like here in Edwardsville high school we are doing something in the world,” Wojciezak said. 

After hearing students’ complaints about not having time to go buy food for the donation, teacher Sairee Knabe decided to help.

Mrs. Knabe gave her students the option to bring in money to class on Wednesday. She then used the money brought in to buy food for the drive. 

Senior Spencer Hurley was one of the students that donated money to Mrs. Knabe for the drive, but it wasn’t because of the competition. Hurley said how it didn’t matter to him which school won the competition, but it mattered that both schools were donating. 

“I honestly hope O’Fallon has 10 more people who are willing to donate as much as one of our student’s did,” Hurley said. 

The most important part for donating to the drive for Hurley was how it was for a good cause.

“I just wanted to help people out when they might be in need,” Hurley said. 

With the help of Hurley and other students, Mrs. Knabe’s classes brought in over 200 dollars in one day, which was worth over 10 bags full of items.

“It just shows how much [students] truly care about things other than themselves, but sadly not everybody sees that,” Mrs. Knabe said. 

Although the drive was a competition for both schools, it also brought them together to help others in need.

“We are one community and we need to support each other,” Dr. Stuart said. 

The winning school will be announced Friday Night on KSDK Channel 5 news and at the football game.