Students’ Highlights of 2020

Landon Vuagniaux, Sports Editor

Despite the past year being one of history’s most infamous, many choose to remember their best moments in 2020 rather than focusing on their worst.

Senior Lydia Foster said 2020 included many challenges, but the year also had its positives.

“Before the pandemic forced us to go to remote learning, I have many great memories from both school and dance team,” Foster said. “At both of these places, I got to spend time with wonderful people who always fill me with joy.”

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., Foster said she enjoyed spending extra time with her family, facetiming friends and creating safe ways to meet up with them. 

According to Foster, seeing health care professionals’ unwavering efforts to control the pandemic was another major highlight of 2020. 

“Different people from around the globe have worked endlessly to try to create a vaccine,” Foster said. “Also, something else that is good that has come about from the pandemic is a higher respect for front line workers. [It] was eye opening to many on just how hard they work.”

Sophomore Reese Noll shares Foster’s opinion and said that it helped her stay hopeful throughout 2020.

“Scientists came together to find a vaccine, which usually takes a long time, but they put it together in a couple of months,” Noll said. “I’m really excited by this because I just want to go back to in-person school, which was actually one of my favorite things in 2020.”

Noll said she also enjoyed the “everyday things” like baking because she is normally too busy for many of them. She became more productive as well. She spent some of her free time finding new things to do; exercising and cleaning are among her favorites.

Unlike Noll, senior Isaac Hobin didn’t appreciate his increased time at home.

“Me-time is the name of the game during this pandemic,” Hobin said. “And I have had so much that I’ve gotten to the point that I feel bad if I’m doing too much of the stuff I enjoy.”

To counteract this, Hobin said he would often contact friends or hangout with his girlfriend. He also said she’s “definitely the highlight of it all.” Hobin has high hopes for the new year and is looking forward to some sense of normality.

Noll said she was also eagerly anticipating 2021.

“Although quarantine and 2020 were very boring, they made me realize that it’s important to take care of yourself, have fun and take a break from stress sometimes.” Noll said. “However, I am looking forward to going back to school, getting my driver’s license, hanging out with friends and being able to travel again in 2021.”