Band Seniors Celebrate Early Finale

Landon Vuagniaux, Sports Editor

The EHS marching band’s exhibition at the sports complex on Monday, Aug. 31, marked an early end to a season and career for seniors.

The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for the band’s limited marching season this year, forcing the band to alter its season and practices significantly.

“The focus on safety has caused some changes-masks on always, shorter practices, outdoor practices only,” senior Mara Day said. “…As a result, we were unable to put as much music or drill[time] on the field as we normally do.”

According to Day, this year’s modifications caused the original “circus-themed show” to be scrapped and replaced by a new show called “Painted Desert.” Day said the new show was shorter and less complex, making it a much better option for this year. She said the circus-themed show was just too difficult to perfect with their reduced schedule.

“With social distancing guidelines, we also cancelled all of our June practices, so we only got to practice in July and August,” sophomore Jaden Hernandez said. “All competitions and football games were cancelled as well.”

Despite having less time to practice, Hernandez said the show exceeded her expectations. She also said she was more than happy with everyone’s performance.

Unfortunately, the band’s entire audience wasn’t able to see the exhibition in-person.

The number of spectators had to be limited for everyone’s safety, according to senior Elannore Bester. She stated that seniors’ parents were the only spectators allowed at the exhibition. In order for others to see the performance, they set up several cameras and recorded drone footage for a performance video.

Prior to the performance, Bester reported having “pre-performance nerves,” but she knew it was just like any other exhibition.

Exhibitions are usually on the last Friday of band camp. During an exhibition, the band is able to display all of the hard work that went into summer practices. These performances are free of judges and scores and the stress that comes with them, and it’s a fun end to the summer, according to Bester.

“Exhibition is always exciting, but this year is even more so,” Bester said. “Not only was it the first performance of the season, it was our last. It was a little bittersweet, especially as a senior.”

Bester was proud of everyone’s hard work, efforts, and her final performance. Though she admits that the exhibition wasn’t perfect, she said the band’s last two runs were the best in her high school career and was glad it ended that way.

Bester was not the only senior who enjoyed her last performance. Day was also pleased with how this year turned out. She found it very enjoyable and much less stressful than a normal marching season. 

“…[It] really gave us a chance to play music, not for a score or audience, but just for the sake of playing music,” Day said. “After four years, I think we’re all ready to move on-perhaps to marching band in college or joining an independent group or drumline-so, to me, it’s a nice happy ending!”