Yearbook Staff Debuts ‘Everything in Between’

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

For most students, yearbook day just means signing their friends’ books and having shortened classes. But for the yearbook staff, it’s one of the most meaningful days of the year.

No yearbook is made overnight, and it takes months of planning, creating and organizing. The making of this year’s book began last spring, and like every yearbook, took almost a full year to finish. Junior Co-Chief-Photographer Emily Kloostra said she is very proud of how the book turned out and enjoyed handing them out to her peers.

“I liked seeing everyone’s reactions to the book that we worked all year on,” Kloostra said. “Seeing people be excited about the book makes me feel excited.”

The editors and staff worked behind the scenes all year to piece together a book that will cement the school year in local history. Freshman Mason Kane traveled to many sporting events this year to capture unique moments, and he appreciated seeing his pictures throughout the book.

“I feel like the work paid off because, in yearbook, we see the book piece by piece,” Kane said. “But when you see it all together on yearbook day, it really hits you.”

Senior Anna Lombardi’s last distribution day was this year, having been a part of the yearbook staff for three years. She said that yearbook helps to foster creativity, and she cherishes the time she spent on each book.

“It feels great knowing that we get to share a year-long of hard work with everyone,” Lombardi said. “And everyone will be able to appreciate (the book) for their own personal reasons.”

With 12 seniors graduating this year, editorial and leadership positions are available to current staff members. Kane is eager to fill a larger role in producing the book next year and is already preparing to make the next book better than the current.

“I’m most excited to work on the theme for next year and just make a killer book and improve on any issues from this year,” Kane said.

Junior photographer Marcia Williams will work alongside Kane for the next book and is excited to begin creating.

“Next year, I hope to improve my photography techniques and include more students’ pictures in the yearbook,” Williams said. “I’m looking forward to opening those books.”