Beauty Week Brings New Ways to Encourage Students to Love Themselves and Others

Zoe Robinson, Staff Writer

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This week marked the third annual Beauty Week at EHS,  when students and staff celebrate both their inner and outer beauty.

This year, the daily themes included clothes-pinning compliments to classmates, handing out candies with sweet messages attached, writing uplifting quotes on the school’s bathroom mirrors, dressing up as a superhero as a metaphor for being someone’s hero and the classic “Be You” Day, on which everyone comes to school in comfy clothes and without any makeup on.

Every year during Beauty Week, Post-It notes are stuck up on the cafeteria windows, each with a unique compliment. New this year is the option to fill out three different Post-Its in exchange for candy grams. If you do so, Student Council members will hand out lollipops to you the following week.

Since Beauty Week premiered in 2016, several other changes have been made.

“The first year student council hosted Beauty Week, we mostly focused on the Post-It notes and the ping-pong tournament,” said Michael Taplin, senior and Student Council President. “Now we have something special for each day, a nacho bar with our ping-pong tournament, and videos to play to start each beautiful day.”

Students find Beauty Week has an overall positive affect on the school and its atmosphere.

“Beauty Week is a good reminder that it is inner beauty that truly counts,” senior Grace Pinion said.

Student Council is eager to hear more ideas to try for future years from students and staff, according to Taplin. Beauty Week will continue to thrive at EHS and make its students more confident and self-loving.

“Beauty Week shows students that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way,” Taplin said. “It’s not about wearing makeup or expensive clothing; it’s about being beautiful on the inside and not worrying about the outside of your body.”

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Beauty Week Brings New Ways to Encourage Students to Love Themselves and Others