EHS Athletes Drawing Inspiration from Pros


Jalen Flowers, Staff writer

Sitting in front of the TV to catch a glimpse of your favorite player is a ritual among young athletes. Waiting until that next game or match to get an opportunity to mimic your idol’s style of play, copy their equipment or wear their jersey number is a feeling only a wide-eyed child fan can experience.

This admiration a young supporter has for a prestigious figure carries into their own playing careers.

Professional athletes have reputations that resonate with their fans. The way an athlete carries themselves through adversity or encourages those around them is remembered by their supporters.

Junior swimmer Cohen Osborn drew inspiration from an iconic athlete.

“Michael Phelps was like my hero growing up,” Osborn said. “I know a lot of swimmers probably have similar stories to that, but I copied his every move.”

Aside from an athlete’s signature styles and moments, their traits can be just as adorned by supporters as well.

“His competitiveness stood out to me,” Osborn said, “You could never really count him out. I remember watching the 2016 Olympics, where against all odds he found a way to win.”

Senior Montrez West was locked in on Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry from a young age, inspiring him to pursue basketball from the guard position.

“He was always my favorite player,” West said, “The way he plays so freely on the court is so fun to watch.”

Idols like Curry, who influenced an entire generation of athletes, have unique styles and details that make them as admirable as they are. Curry has his own signature shoe, consistently leads the NBA in jersey sales, and changed the way young players approached the game of basketball.  

“I remember trying to shoot like him, and changing the way I played to be more like him,” West said, “His game was so unique that it was fun to try and copy.”

Similar to Phelps, athletes’ character in their sports attracts attention from their fans. West accredits all of his passion for his sport to studying Curry’s career-defining moments, along with his unflappable personality.

“Nobody has ever phased Curry,” West said. “Poor shooting nights or bad games from him don’t change his approach. It’s like you can never make him lose his confidence.”

The same athletes that young players idolize today, grew up watching other athletes that inspired them to pursue their sport. Curry idolized his father, former NBA player Dell Curry, so he understands what it means to be that wide-eyed fan.

“Our fans are everything,” Curry said in an interview with TNT after meeting a young fan, “I told her I appreciate the support and the love. Their passion for what we do on the court makes it all worth it.”