Tigers Pounce Back For Double Overtime Win


Photo by Aubree Kloostra

EHS football players get ready for their upcoming season at the Orange and Black Scrimmage on Aug. 19.

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

The EHS football team kicked off their season with a comeback from a 20-point deficit to take the victory in a double overtime game against Jackson. 

The game was held at Jackson’s stadium, which is over 2 hours outside of Edwardsville. The victory broke Jackson’s 31-game home winning streak that started in 2016.

The stadium was filled for Friday night’s game with thousands of Jackson fans. 

“When you have a town that has less than 14,000 people and half the town is actually at the game it was really quite surprising and a little intimidating.” Assistant Athletic Director Bill Herman said. 

Mr. Herman traveled with Athletic Director Alexander Fox and Principal Steve Stuart to the game on Friday. 

They weren’t the only ones to drive the two hours to support the tigers. Over 30 EHS students also traveled the long distance to show their support. 

“It proves the loyalty that they have for us, they are real fans,” senior running back Jordan Bush said. “It was a great feeling knowing we had people with our program that really care about us and come to games that are 2 hours away.” 

Sophomore Devi Heiser and her friends asked Heiser’s parents to take the drive out to Jackson so they could support. Heiser wanted to do what she could to cheer on the players. 

“I know from playing a sport that when you have people cheering you on it always makes you play better.” Heiser said.  

Senior Evie Tyrrell drove with a few of her friends to cheer on her team. They left Edwardsville around 4:30 p.m. and didn’t make it home until around 12:30 a.m.

“It’s my senior year, I might as well just go,” Tyrrell said. 

Jackson came out strong with a 20-0 lead against Edwardsville for the majority of the first half. 

With only a few minutes left before half time,  Bush gave Tigers the first glimpse of hope by scoring a 2-yard-touchdown.

“We are not going to drive two hours just to get blown out so we are going to have to fight for it, ” Bush said. 

When players returned from the locker rooms to start the second half, the atmosphere of the stadium changed. 

“It wasn’t just the fact you could feel the change on the [Edwardsville] side…you just couldn’t hear as much of the Jackson fans after half time,” Herman said.

Bush got his second touchdown of the night at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, making it a 20-13 game. 

Jackson and Edwardsville both scored another touchdown, making it 26-19 with only 10 minutes left of the 4th.

Edwardsville tied the game with only 3 minutes left remaining from a touchdown by junior wide receiver Joey DeMare.  

As the Tigers went into overtime, nerves were high among players and fans. 

“I would compare the last few moments [of the game] to a movie scene,” Bush said.

Jackson started the overtime off with a touchdown and a 2-point-conversion, giving them a 34-26 lead.

Edwardsville tied the game back up taking both teams to a double overtime, with Edwardsville starting.

Edwardsville obtained a 41-34 lead, however Jackson had another opportunity to win.

The Tigers held Jackson off until the 4th down where senior linebacker Jaiden Vonner intercepted a pass from the quarterback, ending the game. 

The final score of the game was 41-34.

When the game concluded, Edwardsville’s fan section rushed the field to meet players in a huddle. 

“The atmosphere was just electric,” Mr. Herman said.

This game started Edwardsville with a win but also taught them some lessons about the upcoming season.

“We learned that we need to come out strong,” senior defensive captain Evan Holderer said. “We can’t come out slow because then we are going to be down and that’s really not the type of place you want to be in.” 

The Tigers now head to their first home game this Friday against Highland.