Hong Kong Protests Persist

Jack Barker, Sports Editor

With the Hong Kong protests continuing, and seemingly never coming to an end, I think it’s time we come to the realization that Hong Kong and its residents shouldn’t be here in the first place.

The backlash began in February when a bill was proposed to Hong Kong lawmakers that essentially said any person fleeing China for Hong Kong (pretty much looking for safety) can be sent right back to China.

Back in 1997, Hong Kong was transferred to China, but still avoided Chinese rule by becoming a “Special Administrative Region.” This essentially gave Hong Kong residents immunity from the heinous actions of the Chinese government and allowed citizens their own personal rights.

When Hong Kong was handed back over to China, it was guaranteed 50 years of what is referred to as a “one country, two systems” network. This means that residents of Hong Kong are given rights that other residents of China aren’t given, such as the right to protest and freedom of speech.

And protest they have done. While many residents feel that their rights are beginning to be infringed upon, they decided they weren’t going down without a fight. They have taken to airports, participated in sit-ins and have conducted massive protests.

Is all this reasonable?


These residents are given rights and freedoms that are now potentially in danger with China closing in on them and trying to take over. Thousands of people have been injured for fighting for what’s right. Police brutality against citizens has become ridiculous. You have officers dressing up as protesters and arresting citizens.

While citizens of Hong Kong have been awarded some of what they wanted (the bill was officially removed),  they still have much to topple in the future.