Trump Deserves Impeachment

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor in Chief

On Sept. 24 Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment process against President Donald Trump in the aftermath of a whistleblower report, which revealed the widespread, fraudulent abuse of power and the cover up of that abuse by Trump. This has been a long time coming, and it’s finally time to take down the leader of the free world.

What, too dramatic?

The Trump White House has been nothing but dramatic these past few years (wow, that still hurts to write; what happened in 2016, America?) and to see the culmination of so many scandals and rumors come together into something substantial enough to impeach 45 just brings a tear to my eye.

Pardon my French, but what, pray tell, is the silver bullet in the house Democrats’ smoking gun? (I mean, I already brought up the whistleblower, so you already know, but hey, I was being cute.) The whistleblower report about Trump’s gross political machinations with foreign powers, that’s what.

The purported pressure campaign on Ukraine officials by Trump and his lawyer, also known as the guy who looks like he’s always passing a kidney stone, Rudy Giuliani, is only a stepping stone for the impeachment inquiry, which will examine in further detail the collusion and possible extortion of foreign powers by the Trump White House than the Mueller Report did.

And we all know how that turned out. And for those of you still clinging to the delusions of William Bar, the Mueller Report did, in fact, only observe campaign questions of collusion with one nation, Russia, and very seriously leave open the possibility of obstruction of justice, a crime that is being re-examined in the current investigation.

And it’s a crime that will most definitely be exposed in the impeachment inquiry, along with the many other egregious transgressions Trump has inflicted on this nation.