EHS Parking: The Issue That Never Gets Better

Jack Barker, Sports Editor

With the new school year having started, there are many things high school students dread, for instance, homework and getting up early. While those are plausible things to hate, there is one thing I wasn’t looking forward to the most: the parking lot.

When that final bell rings, there’s what feels like a slight rush of adrenaline knowing that you have to get out of the main lot, and fast. The inconsideration of other students is absolutely ludicrous, to where it almost feels like bumper cars. You have inexperienced drivers pulling out in front of you like it’s their right. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Not to mention, cars aren’t the only concern. You also have to worry about the fleet of students running in between rows and behind you. While the school has tried to counteract the issue by adding new medians, students still continue to bolt behind and in front of moving vehicles.

The National Safety Council conducted a public opinion poll and found that 60 percent of teens were likely to be on their phones while in a high school parking lot. With there being 567 parking spots in the main lot, you can infer that almost 340 students could be on their phones.

That, to me, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

While the main lot is an issue at the end of the school day, the visitors lot is as well. You see, having a monitor try and direct teenagers on when they can and can’t go just doesn’t seem ideal. You have cars exiting the visitors lot at the same time students are trying to leave the main lot.

The only solution to this issue would really be to install a stoplight of some sort to manage the traffic without having human error in the equation. Simply put, one monitor is not going to be able to manage the recklessness of high school driving.

I don’t see the madness in the parking lot getting better anytime soon, so we can only hope that we teenage drivers can buckle up, become more responsible and less erratic.