2020: Biden Is Not The Answer

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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Former Vice President Joe Biden has long been asked to run for president by many democrats. But with an ever-expanding democratic field, is this really such a good decision? Not by any means.

According to CNN, the majority of democrats would vote for Biden in the 2020 election. However, these polls are a non-starter if Biden isn’t going to run in the first place.

The most Biden has said is that his family would support his run, and that he is mulling the idea over. That’s hardly the rallying battle-cry of a democrat ready to dethrone the Donald.

In any case, should he decide to finally take the plunge, it isn’t going to help the Democratic Party in any way. It would alienate much of the right due to what would most likely be deemed another four years of Obama.

His rocky voting record, which includes over 40 years of public service, is defined by its various stances that are — at best — at odds with the current democratic consensus. He voted for a measure to outlaw gay marriage in the 1990s and is a former ally of the banking and credit card industries.

Of course nowadays, his positions have changed. But many opponents and voters alike are apt to look on Biden’s record as a disgrace in the face of a current platform poised to support progress and change.

“I worry whether he is ready for the times,” Chris Schwartz, a Black Hawk County supervisor in Iowa said. “He has just gotten too many big issues wrong over the years.”

Which raises the question: Why vote for someone who has changed his mind on these pressing political issues when there are candidates that have held firm on these issues for all of their political careers?

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