Prom Praise is Pointless

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

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Upperclassmen awake from their senioritis slumbers once every April. They have just enough time to get pampered pedicures and graceful gowns for one of the most hyped up events of high school: prom.


Despite what every movie about high school has made you believe, prom is not a big deal.


First of all, your expectations will never live up to reality. There’s so much pressure centered on finding the perfect dress and the perfect date that did the most perfect promposal for you, and at the end of the night, you’ll probably be disappointed.


Television, stores and social media have weaved together this ridiculously large compilation of unrealistic prom expectations. They paint the picture of girls in their beautiful dresses with beautiful manicures, wearing beautiful makeup, and guys in tuxes renting limos and paying for extravagant dinners.


But in reality, your nails may break. You might drop food from your disgusting dinner on your dress. Your updo may get wet from the rain, which also ruined your pictures and got mud on your shoes. And of course, the after party might get disbanded by angry parents, or worse, the cops.


Also, prom can be, and usually is, outrageously expensive. According to Visa’s annual prom survey, the average American family will spend about $919 on a single prom.


Isn’t there a better way to spend that money? A summer trip with your friends or starting a fund for your first car are both great options. Let’s not forget that college is very expensive, and $919 will pay for a few books.


And honestly, prom’s kind of gross. At EHS, one ticket costs $50, and the dance is just a bunch of sweaty, hormonal teens grinding in a big circle while listening to rap songs that muddle the voice of your date or friends with profanities.


So don’t go into the evening thinking it will be like Cinderella at the ball, or you might find that your carriage turned into a pumpkin.

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Prom Praise is Pointless