Mr. EHS Moves Forward

Jaydi Swanson, Views Editor

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What’s misogynistic, outdated and school-sponsored?

Not Mr. EHS! At least, not anymore.

Mr. EHS, a pageant that showcases dancing, singing, video making and other strange talents, has entertained EHS students and faculty for years. The Student-Council-run show has been predominantly male since its creation, but it has featured a few females in recent years.

This evolving participation has led to a larger complaint from administration: the seemingly sexist name. This year, Stuco will vote on a new gender-neutral name to appease everyone.

Some may see this as an unnecessary break in tradition. Others will see it as a necessary progressive step towards equality.

But at this point, the name isn’t the most important part and is hardly worth worrying about.

Honestly, Mr. EHS has never been seen as a serious show. The contestants perform silly talents, such as eating a full package of saltines in two minutes or singing off-tune High School Musical songs. The group dance just proves that most of them don’t belong on the dance team.

To most people, the show is not something worth causing controversy over.

The winner, however, receives a $200 award for the club or group they are representing. With this aspect in mind, it is fair to say that girls should be given as equal an opportunity to enter as boys.

And now they are. While Mr. EHS may have been exclusive in the past, Stuco has allowed it to progress over time, which is something our school should be proud of.

If everyone is given a fair chance at participating, the name seems trivial. The decision has already been made to change it, so we should accept it and move on.

A simple name change won’t change the purpose or production. It’s still the same silly, good-hearted show that we’ve always loved, no matter what it’s called.