Show Your Stripes


Payton Roberts

Students show their spirit while cheering on the Tigers at a soccer game.

Abbie Hensley , Staff Writer

High school is the time for pom-poms, face paint and screaming for your team until your throat is raw, but it’s all for nothing if your step lacks pep.

Sports season is the time to go wild for the school you love to root for and for the athletes working hard to make us proud. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the Orange Rush fan section.

Get Involved:  “Don’t be that person that stands around looking bored,” senior Ally Gasser, member of the Varsity Dance team, said. It’s important to simply go to events, it’s the only way you’ll begin to feel comfortable with your fellow tigers.

Believe in Our Team: Even if the odds are against us (which they rarely are), don’t show any fear. Always believe that our athletes will pull through. “We turn up in the bleachers,” senior Collin Clayton said. “Positive energy is really important.”

Be Sure to Rep your Stripes: Lots of orange and black, people! “Whenever you look at the fan section all you see is a huge blob of orange and black,” Gasser said. Paint your face, cover your arms in tiger stripes, buy a morph suit, grab the cat ears headband, accessorize with a bandana or simply wear your Orange Rush shirts. The possibilities are endless.

Learn the Cheers: EHS has so many cheers it could make your head spin, so make sure to check your student planner for the complete list. There are a few we use as our “go to” chants, and the only way to learn the ins and outs of those is by going to the games.

Be Aware of the Bump and Grind: “Bump and Grind” is a dance that everyone does with the band in between the third and fourth quarters. “Bump and Grind is the most exciting part of the game,” Clayton said. “It’s unique; no other high school does it.”

And perhaps most importantly, Don’t Be Afraid to Get Crazy: Make sure you yell and dance with your peers. “This year has already been so awesome,” Gasser said. “Seeing everyone getting hyped gets me hyped, and we’re only just beginning.”

Following these tips will ensure that you’re ready to cheer on our Edwardsville Tigers any day of the week. You’re only a high school student once, so enjoy it.

“Getting hype is what high school’s all about,” Clayton said.