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New Shop Rolls in A Different Crowd

Owen Anderson
The new skate shop, Skate 618, opened with an effort to introduce skating in Edwardsville.

Speed. Bruising. Tricks. Technique.

These encompass skate culture, something Edwardsville will experience with the opening of a new store.

Skate 618, a new skate shop that opened in downtown Edwardsville has the hope of cultivating a local skate scene. 

Behind the counter is professional skater Colin Brandt, who operates under the moniker “Chems.”

“I am a part of the current skate scene, and I have been for the past 26 years,” Brandt said. “I always try to help encourage friends, or even skaters that I don’t know, to continue skating and pick it back up again.”

Brandt, a fingerboard maker based in St. Louis owns the store. By featuring different forms of skateboarding in Skate 618 he hopes to inspire others to start.

“[I wanted] to create a comfortable and local place that helps bring our local skateboard community together as well as introduce skateboarding and fingerboarding to our local community that doesn’t yet know about it,” he said.

Junior Campbell Manthey, who has skated his entire life, has been working there since its opening.

“Skating means a lot to me, actually,” Manthey said. “It has provided me with many friendships and bruises.”

Manthey is an active member in the skating community, not only in town, but in St. Louis as well. Manthey even won an award due to his involvement in the scene.

“I would describe the local skate scene as welcoming and friendly to new skateboarders while maintaining a solid friendship,” Manthey said.

Several EHS students, like senior Shaboz Hasan, are featured on their Instagram page modeling clothes and showing off their skating ability.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something cool,” Hasan said. “It’s all just for fun.”

With the promotion of skateboarding via Skate 618, Brandt also hopes that the new store inspires the town to build a skatepark.

“Having a skatepark in Edwardsville would allow skaters to skate safely, to progress, and to meet other skaters on a regular basis,” he said. “It would also greatly encourage newcomers to start and continue skating.”

Planning to speak to the town’s alderman, he is going to build an initiative for a skatepark in town.

“I have been planning to advocate to build a skatepark in Edwardsville for many years now,” he said. “I have finally reached a point where I am able to focus on skatepark advocacy.”