Young Voters Are Able to Make A Change. But Will They?


Maggie Terry

A poster made by EHS students hangs on the 3rd floor wall informing students on how to vote early.

Maggie Terry, Staff writer

As the midterm election approaches, 18-year-old students have the opportunity to voice their opinions by voting for the first time on Nov 8.

Voters will vote for local, state, and national political positions. Some of these positions include local judges, state congresspersons, governor and US congressional members. 

Of the 21 surveyed EHS students that are eligible to vote, 19% said that they aren’t planning to vote for the election. 

“I think that if schools and communities want us 18-year-old kids to vote then they should be teaching us more about why we are voting for these positions and people,” senior Lainey Wiegers said.

Wiegers said that she won’t be voting for this upcoming election because she feels as if she is uneducated about the candidates, and she doesn’t want to vote blindly.

Senior Charles Pyle plans to educate himself before the election about the running candidates and urges other students to do as well.

“Research the candidates, know about their decision if they are voted in and especially look at their reputation,” Pyle said.

81% of students surveyed said that it is important that everyone eligible votes in the election.

“Seriously consider voting even if you don’t care,” Pyle said. “It affects you and everyone else around you, especially with these smaller ones.”

To encourage students to vote, EHS students covered the 3rd floor walls of the high school with signs containing urging and informing messages about the election. The signs include information about the different candidates running, when to vote and how.

Announcements were also made on Schoology, in the morning announcements, and by teachers reminding students on how they finally have the opportunity to have an impact.

“It feels like a big responsibility, managing politics and the impact they’ll have on our community,” Pyle said.