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Spotify vs Apple Music: EHS’ Take On The Infamous Rivalry

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Spotify or Apple Music, the question that EHS students must now confront.

Even years after their creation, discourse among the users of each listening platform is fierce.

Senior Case Warner is an avid Apple Music user, listening to over 250 hours annually.

“I use Apple music because it’s easier to access all of my music,” Warner said. “It has so many cool features like personalized playlists and access to Apple Music radio if I don’t feel like shuffling through one of my own playlists.”

Apple Music and Spotify Premium both cost a monthly fee of $9.99 but regular Spotify comes free with ads. 

This is not offered to Apple Music listeners.

As for being user-friendly, the apps are practically identical. 

Both platforms have the option to create playlists, shuffle your favorites and they can curate playlists based on your taste in music.

Senior Christopher Fuller enjoys the accessibility of Spotify.

“I personally don’t have an iPhone, which means Apple Music isn’t available to me,” Fuller said. “But Spotify can be used on anything.”

Spotify is available on desktops, phones, cars, tablets, watches and TVs.

Apple music can only be used on an apple device like an iPhone, iPad or an Apple Watch.

As for availability, Spotify wipes the floor with Apple Music.

Junior Maya Sundar likes the information that Spotify shares with their listeners such as upcoming events for an artist, or if they have released a new song recently.

She also enjoys the variability that Spotify offers.

“You can play any artist you want whenever you want,” Sundar said.

There is a general consensus among EHS students that Spotify is the better listening platform with nearly 75% of 500 voters in a recent survey choosing it over Apple Music.

This lines up with data collected globally.

Spotify users, both premium and regular, make up 48% of music listeners worldwide while Apple Music users only make up 18%.

Between its accessibility, inexpensiveness and overall listening experience, Spotify wins over the hearts of students.

“It has more variety and genres that I enjoy,” Fuller said. “Spotify has never let me down.

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Sydney Andrews
Sydney Andrews, Staff Writer
Sydney Andrews is a senior and a first-year journalism student. She is an officer for National English Honors Society, the president of Tri-m Music Honors Society and is a member of NHS and Spanish Honors Society. She is also very involved in EHS Drama Club and loves to read in her spare time (not that there is much of that). She plans to pursue a career in law but has always taken an interest in journalism and hopes that it will help better her writing skills this year.