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Red, White and Royal Review

Amazon Prime
Iconic cake scene with Nicholas Galitzine, Prince Henry, and Taylor Zakhar-Perez, Alex Claremont-Diaz

New queer rom-com “Red, White & Royal Blue” became the No. 1 streamed rom-com of all time on Prime Video after less than a week of being released. 

The new movie is cute, inquisitive and educational. The love story between Alex Claremont-Diaz, the son of the first female President of the US, and Henry, the Prince of England, excites book fans and non-readers alike.

When Alex and Henry cause an international incident, shown in the photo, damage control involves them pretending to be best friends, which eventually becomes real and develops into much more.

As popular as the movie is, some say it is pushing the envelope and unrealistic. 

“It’s just life. Maybe it’s an experience you haven’t had, but it’s an experience you’ve heard of. It’s not that outlandish,” senior Margaret Paty said regarding such beliefs.

In addition to the cutesy love story, the movie also educates American viewers on British government. Alex is a political advocate who wants to go into politics to make a change and be a Latinx face he didn’t see growing up. Henry wants to avoid the public eye and is a political figurehead with no real authority. During a somewhat intense scene discussing their futures, the two learn about each other’s ambitions and position.

Alex is shocked to learn Henry can’t vote as it is considered a “conflict of interest,” quite different from American politics where the presidential candidates do vote.

The movie is full of strong characters, the most iconic of which being Zahra, the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff, who is no nonsense and unintentionally hysterical. She is the favorite of many viewers, especially because of her lines which include the phenomenal ones below.

 “I can assure you that making [your fact sheet] was one of the most depressing moments of my career, and I once saw Mitch McConnell eating a banana.” 

“You can hate Prince Henry all you want, but the minute you see a camera you better act like the sun shines out of his [butt] and you have a vitamin D deficiency.”

“Every time I see you it takes another year off my life.”

“Get your [butt] back to merry old England right now. I want you chewing on a goddamn crumpet by sunset and if anyone sees you leave this hotel I will Brexit your head from your body. Your royal highness.”

“I’ve got the first son in my office, mooing over the Prince like a cow in labor.”

Being based on a book of the same name, controversy surrounding the differences was inevitable, but such changes are understandable especially because of a time limit. This time limit also led to some feeling Prince Henry’s motivations changing was rushed.

This love story addresses personal privacy directly, asking why people are entitled to know their relationship status and personal details, which was done wonderfully and leaves viewers questioning their actions and how it impacts public figures.