EHS Students to Go Above and Abroad

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

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After years of foreign soap operas and tedious workbook assignments, there is now an opportunity to put your skills to use by traveling to Europe and immersing yourself in other cultures.

There are two opportunities for students to go to Europe next summer. One with Beth Warner to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the other will travel to Spain, France and Italy with Donald Mendoza and Melissa Beck.

“We’ve taken students abroad several times, and it’s really fun to watch students as they see things from their textbook in real life,” Mrs. Beck said. “It’s really fun to watch them experience the language and culture.”

There were signs advertising the trips in the main hallways and staircases. Interested students were able to attend an informational meeting with a parent or guardian held by either Mrs. Warner or Mr. Mendoza and Mrs. Beck.

During the meeting, sponsors went over costs, hotel and flight plans, trip length and activities they had planned for the students.

“This trip is $4,200, approximately,” Mrs. Beck said. “It’s a 14 day trip. Right now we have about 30 students who want to go.”

However, according to Mrs. Warner, less than ten students expressed interest in the trip to England and Northern Ireland; this could cause the trip to be canceled. One of the students who hopes to go to Europe with Mrs. Warner is junior Jacquelin Anderson.

“I have always wanted to travel to England,” Anderson said. “The trip covers a lot of the country, and a little bit of Ireland, in just nine days.”

Mrs. Warner will not be sure if the trip is canceled until the end of September. Anderson hopes that the trip will still take place.

“After talking about it with my friends, several of them took interest and we are all going together,” Anderson said. “It would be really exciting to be on a trip out of the country with some of my closest friends.”

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EHS Students to Go Above and Abroad