Senior Field Hockey Players Share Hopes for Upcoming Season


Annabel Carr

Now senior Lillian Berry and graduate Lizzie Dawson play in one of last year’s scrimmages. No games against outside teams were played due to restrictions last year.

Grace McGinness, Sports Editor

The start of this year’s EHS field hockey season kicked off with one tie, one win and one loss for the varsity team at the St. Joe’s Jamboree, played at St. Joseph’s Academy annually. 

St. Joe’s Jamboree marks the first field hockey game of the year, but not the first game of the regular season which starts today, Friday, Aug. 27.   

After a year and a half without a true season, senior varsity players were ready to get back to playing for their last year on the team.  “It was such a relief to have that competition back,” senior Kyla Archer said,  “Our coaches last year did an awesome job of getting us playing time considering the circumstances, but it’s hard to replicate the spirit your team has on game day.”

Hope for the outcome of the season is strong, players say.  “We all have a good chemistry on the field that usually takes a lot longer to develop,” senior Sydnee Campbell said.  This chemistry, she said, leads to better relationships and communication both on and off the field.  

Other players agree with Campbell’s thoughts on team relationships and communication.

After years of being on a team with each other for the seniors, relationships with other players have grown.  “I have been playing with my teammates for many years, which has allowed me to get to know them all quite well,” senior Lily Wittkamp said.  

For Wittkamp, trust in her teammates is one of the most important parts of the game.  “I’ve learned many things [over the years] about the sport and the players to where when I pass the ball I can trust that they will be there to receive it,” she said. 

For these senior players, the start of this season marks the end of their time as EHS field hockey players.  Campbell, who has been playing since 6th grade, reflected on her time on the team.  

I wish I would have known “that I would meet some of the greatest people I know” playing field hockey, Campbell said.