Why We Should Stop Dwelling on the Cardinals’ Postseason Run

Jack Barker, Sports Editor

The Cardinals did not have a horrible season, and I’m tired of hearing that they did.

Look, a team that was nearing the bottom half of the division at the all-star break ended up in the NLCS, when it really seemed that it had absolutely no business there.

This season was the furthest thing from failure. It was growth, so take your pessimistic point of view and put it in the trash.

We saw Jack Flaherty become legitimate Cy Young material during the second half of the season. We also got the emergence of Tommy Edman, who before the season I had never even heard of. Not to mention, getting our first year of the Paul Goldschmidt era in St. Louis.

I just get very annoyed when the common fans began to come out of the woodwork for the first time in four years and started acting like they knew everything about this team. Hey buddy on Twitter, no you don’t.

I personally, am extremely proud of this team. They took a quiet offense and broke it out when it was needed the most, but really just ended up running out of gas. While many “Twitter expert” Cardinal fans sat behind their screens bashing the offense, they failed to realize that this was nothing new.

We saw a multitude of slumps from almost every hitter in the lineup, but it always seemed as if someone showed up when it was truly needed. Take Yadier Molina for instance, a guy who has slowly become a liability at the plate in times of need showed up twice in game 4 of the NLDS.

Or Marcell Ozuna, who couldn’t hit water if he was falling out of a boat during the month of September showed up huge for the Cardinals in October, and was a major player on the offensive side of things in the division series.

Also, did it somehow get lost that the Cardinals went into Chicago and absolutely deflated their playoff chances in a matter of four games? Or, you know, when they clinched at home against that same Cubs team just a week later, and put an absolute beating on them the last day of the regular season to win the division.

The “what have you done for me lately” fans aren’t fans, they’re bandwagons, fair weather fans, whatever you want to call them. They don’t understand that this team fought tooth and nail almost every single night of the season, making sure that every win counted.

So take your ridiculous takes and throw them in the garbage. The 2019 Cardinals were loveable in every facet of the game and surprised the entire city of St. Louis.

I didn’t, and no one should have expected a World Series-winning team to show up just because they made the playoffs.

This is a team I won’t forget anytime soon, and I think will be referred back to in a few years when the Cardinals finally do (hopefully) reach the pinnacle of baseball once again.