Athletic Department Purchase Agreement Set to Provide Discounts, College Campus Feel

Sam Lance, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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EHS Athletic Director Alexander Fox stood just inside the main door just last week, a lot higher than he already is. Standing on a ladder, he put up two Under Armour posters on the windows looking out to circle drive.

This is in light of a purchase agreement with distributing company BSN Sports, who sells big brands like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.

“We are with Under Armour as part of the agreement,” Fox said. “Every company basically says ‘this is what we can do for your school,’ and Under Armour had the best package.”

In summary, when our school buys something like team uniforms, equipment or shoes, we get a high-rate discount.

“It reduces the costs of what the school has to pay,” Fox said. “Under Armour does stipend us some coaches material as well.”

Two years ago, football made the switch to Under Armour before the entire school made the change. Now, if Under Armour provides equipment, every sport at EHS will have Under Armour gear.

“The Z7 helmets that they gave us are the best I’ve ever worn,” senior football player Dionte Rodgers said. “They have the extra padding and good concussion prevention.”

And it’s not just uniforms and equipment that Under Armour caters, but merchandise such as banners and flags.

“They provide us with the opportunity of branding,” Fox said. “You’ll see more of that as this progresses.”

Fox added than in the coming weeks the baseball and softball fields will receive black under armour windscreens to go over the pale green fencing.

“We’ll also be adding additional banners and stuff around campus,” Fox said. “Campus is going to have a college feel, and we are one of the few high schools with an opportunity to do that.”

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