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Staggering Heat Hits Tigers Hard

photo courtesy of AP Newsroom

The excessive heat in Edwardsville might just seem like an inconvenience. But for many students participating in outdoor activities, these record high temperatures may mean more than just a canceled fire drill.

Band, color guard, and many fall sports’ practices are being forced indoors. But the football team’s season opener this Friday leaves them with few options. 

“It’s the humidity in the air,” junior Patrick Chism said. “For me, with practicing in the heat, there is usually a breeze, but there is no breeze right now.”

The football team isn’t the only group that stands to lose something from the severe weather. EHS band director Ryan Lipscomb discusses accommodations made leading up to the game.

“We worked with the athletic department and the football team, and the other sports, they were able to work out a practice schedule,” Mr. Lipscomb said. “I think the athletic department has put together a good plan and it’s just pushed back a little bit, so I think it will be okay.”

While the band is able to get practice in, being indoors is not the same as being on the field. Senior band member Royce Daley has noted this difference.

“I don’t like practicing inside because I feel like we do it all the time and we really need to focus on marching and choreography, which is most efficiently done outside,” Daley said. “It is kind of unmotivating being inside because it limits us and what we can do.”

Like Daley, sophomore Jack Paty has noticed new challenges added to his cross country team’s now indoor practices.

“We have groups that [practice at] different places like the Y, Planet Fitness, the weight room, and some [are practicing] at home.” Paty said. “I feel like the girls and boys [teams] are a lot more divided now.”

But the heat wave isn’t just splitting them up. Not being able to practice outside poses another problem for the team. 

“It’s not giving us the exposure to [running] in the warm weather that we need,” Paty said. “When we do get out to the courses I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock.”

For now, Friday’s football game has been pushed to 8 p.m. Fan attendance is still up in the air. 

“I hope they come,” Chism said. “The game is for sure on.”