EHS Journalism Succeeds at Sectionals


Mason Kane

Sophomore Maddox Karnes and senior Grace Skiff work through their plan for the Yearbook Theme Development category. The duo had three hours to brainstorm a theme and both its verbal and visual components. The pair won first place.

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

EHS journalism students competed at the IHSA Journalism Sectionals on Saturday, April 10, in hopes of advancing to the state finals. 

Although students were able to compete ”from anywhere with internet access,” according to the IHSA website, they were encouraged to do so from their school if possible. Students met at EHS in the journalism room Saturday morning at either 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. for A and B blocks. 

The results were announced Friday, April 16, and the virtual state finals will be held on Saturday, April 24. In order to advance, students had to finish in the top three spots of their category at sectionals.

Seventeen yearbook and journalism students competed in 18 categories and 11 students from 10 categories will advance to state. The team finished the competition in second place to Meridian, who beat them by three points.

Senior Marian Steinmann, senior Sarah Fidahussain, senior Holly Williams, junior Tyler Chrenka, senior Daniel Garrison, senior Grace Skiff and sophomore Maddox Karnes each took first place in their respective categories.

Because of COVID-19, 2020 sectionals did not happen. Since there was time to prepare over the year, sectionals were held virtually. Students competed in the journalism room with teacher Amanda Thrun acting as the proctor.

Senior Abi Zajac found this familiar environment comforting.

“It’s not a new environment with a lot of new surroundings,” Zajac said. “I’m a very auditory person, so I feel like if there were new surroundings or new noises, I can imagine it would have been harder for me.”

Zajac felt confident going into sectionals but is grateful for the opportunity to go to state.

“I would really like to compete again,” Zajac said. “I want to write more and really show the judges what I can do. I want to feel like I helped our team out.“