Talent Show to Amaze, Showcase EHS Skill

Sydney Hershberger, Staff Writer

As winter break comes to an end, many performers await the upcoming showcase of themselves and their peers. Some will sing, some will dance, but all will blow you away.

Performers old and new are coming to the EHS Talent Show this year. One familiar face is senior Andre Wilke with his band in which he is the lead guitarist.

Lead singer and senior Grace Gassiaro will be performing alongside the guitarist. She says she’s “excited and very proud,” of her and her bandmate’s performance.

Some performers remember their old performances at their middle schools. One of these performers is guitarist and sophomore Carter Schwalb.

“We’ve been doing it [the talent show] since eighth grade.” Schwalb says. He says that he’s been playing guitar for just as long. “We’ve been going to each other’s houses to practice.” Schwalb says. He later adds that the band is leaning towards performing a Led Zepplin mashup, but no concrete decisions have been made yet.

Noah Martinez, who you might remember as the junior who played Beat Saber for the talent show last year, has changed his theme this year and is now the vocalist and lead guitarist of his new band.

“Last year I had to do a bunch of improvised editing to get the video to work before I sent it in so just bringing in a guitar was a lot easier,” says Martinez “I also worked with the tech kids who were assigned to the show for quite a while to get all the connections right.”

Martinez’s band will be performing the song Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men along with Aubrey Morgan on the trumpet and Ryne Montgomery on the drums.

There are also a large amount of underclassmen who are doing acts that are different from what the school has seen before.

Juniors Cole Grimsley and Elena Brown will be performing a percussion arrangement together on snare and quad drums.

Julia Grimm will be performing an acrobatic routine that delves into the world of contortionism. Her older sister, senior, Marie Grimm will also be performing pep-band songs with fellow senior Kyrah Glaze in a woodwind-brass duet.

You can see all these performers and more in the auditorium on Feb 13. Admission price will be announced as the date approaches.