Homecoming Window-Decorating Contest Winners Announced

Cassi Reaka, Life Editor

Homecoming week is full of activities to get students involved in their school. The annual window decorating contest fills the cafeteria with spirit and color and is a change from the typical empty windows.

The window painting contest allows sports and clubs to contribute to creating this environment. This year, Tri-M won first, girls basketball came in second and Poetry Club came in third.

The Tri-M window featured a detailed singer, trumpet player  and bass player in front of a cityscape. A moon and stars are painted in the background and beautifully painted instruments are below the musicians.

Senior Amanda Mills designed the window painting for girls basketball. The window displayed a tiger repping an Edwardsville jersey playing basketball in front of a city skyline. The painting was bordered on both sides by colorful stripes and the label “Girls Basketball.”

“I wanted to do something fun with the team and since I’m a senior it meant that much more,” Mills said. “I chose the design very last minute I was actually on the toilet when I thought of it at workouts.”

Senior Olivia Draper designed the window for Poetry Club. A view of the arch and courthouse adorned the window, as well as a quote that read, “Do not go gently into that good night.”

Draper said that she chose this quote because it “talks about having fun nights like homecoming.”

“When I heard that we placed I was surprised and extremely pleased because I worked hard and was very proud of our work,” Draper said.

Junior Haley Gebauer thinks that the tradition of the contest makes the cafeteria more enjoyable during this special week.

“The window decorating adds to the fun of homecoming week because everyone can see the different clubs and activities,” Gebauer said. “It is a fun way of adding some spirit to the cafeteria.”