Newcomer Beto O’Rourke Joins the Presidential Race

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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With the presidential race beginning, many Democratic candidates have started themselves onto the campaign trail. A large tell for some as to which candidate has the best chance of winning the Democratic nomination is which candidate makes the most in campaign donations within their first week of announcing.

For a steady amount of time, it looked like Bernie Sanders would have the best chances of being the would-be-nominee for the Democratic Party based on his lead over every other candidate with his first week total reaching almost $6 million.

However, Beto O’Rourke, who came close to a senate victory in 2018 against Ted Cruz, has completed his first week with a higher campaign donations number in his first week than anyone else.

According to the New York Times, many feel that the more moderate political attitude of O’Rourke will have the best chance in completing a 2020 campaign goal of many Democrats such as Sanders: defeating President Donald Trump.

O’Rourke has, along with many other Democratic candidates, supported the impeachment of President Trump. This along with his support for the abolition of for-profit prisons and a ban on assault weapons, are his most liberal public policy announcements.

He has also adopted some centrist policy such has a refusal to put all Americans in a single-payer healthcare plan. This is a part of the aforementioned.,d moderate political attitude which some believe may give O’Rourke an edge over his more liberal-leaning competitors, appealing him to a broader voter base.

O’Rourke’s main current campaign platform is based not on extensive policy proposal or intense political rivalry, but rather on the ideas of corporation and working together. This is stressed on O’Rourke’s campaign website homepage.

“The challenges we face are the greatest in living memory,” O’Rourke’s campaign website stated. “We can only meet them if we build a movement that includes all of us.”

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