EPIC Plans to Promote Healthy Lifestyles Through Trivia Night

Allison Stopka, Staff Writer

If you’re like many students in high school, your plans for the weekend include binge watching “Making a Murderer,” and eating all of the food in your family’s pantry. This Friday however, an organization at EHS is providing a fun and safe way to spend your night.

Edwardsville Peer Influence Club (EPIC) is hosting a Trivia Night on Friday, Jan. 8 open to all EHS students. While EPIC is the acronym for this club, it means much more than four words.

According to leadership council member senior Jane Lavelle, EPIC promotes living happy and healthy lifestyles.

“The club stands for being bullying and drug free,” Lavelle said.  “It also stands for simply being happy and kind to other people!”

EPIC spreads this message throughout the school by sharing facts about drug and alcohol use at EHS by posting campaign posters through the hallways and bathrooms of the school.

“The majority of students do not use alcohol,” Lavelle said. “These students are able to have fun without these negative influences.”

This club also promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing a safe environment and event once every year through the trivia night.

Each year the event becomes more popular and more successful, last year there were over 200 attendees, with more than 20 tables and a maximum of 10 participants at each table. EPIC was able to raise over $2,000 through this event.

“I went last year and it was a lot of fun,” said junior Molly Spangenberg. “I’m also going this year because I am a part of EPIC.”

The trivia night is more than a fundraiser for the EPIC club; it gives a healthy alternative to other ways to spend a weekend night.

“[The money raised] will continue to fund our drug prevention materials,” Lavelle said.

There are many different types of questions and topics for the Trivia Night this year. There is something for everyone there!

“There is trivia including movie quotes, tribonds, and the favorite each year; fill in the blank lyrics.” Lavelle said. “This category always ends with dramatic lip-syncing of songs as people stand on tables.”