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Seniors Snatch Senioritis Bug

Brad Spudich, Editor-in-Chief

April 13, 2012

There comes a time in every student’s academic career that seems inevitable.  After three years of high school, focus and motivation plummet and it all begins.  If you are a senior, it is probably happening now.  Defined...

EHS Prepares for ACTs

Audrey Case, Editor-in-Chief

April 11, 2012

In April, EHS is offering juniors the chance to take ACT preparation workshops free of cost. While some ACT courses cost up to $400, students can take free math and English courses, which cover reading comprehension, writing...

Couples Can Find Love in the Strangest Places

Lauren Corby, Staff Writer

March 7, 2012

Sometimes you meet the people that mean the most to you in the most astonishing ways. Some people are connected by things that interest them, others just by a fluke. In the case of Kenny Inman, 37, and Cindy Inman, 36, it ha...

Three EHS Teachers to ‘Play Hooky’ in May

Brad Spudich, Editor-In-Chief

March 7, 2012

Three teachers won’t be spending their last month of school in the classroom, but taking education to a global level. Art teacher Kristi Dickens, history teacher Allen Duncan and English teacher Cara Lane leave for Sweden o...

Choirs to Perform Original Compositions at Upcoming Concert

Audrey Case, Editor-in-Chief

March 7, 2012

On Thursday, March 8 at 7:30 p.m., months of preparation will pay off as EHS’s choirs perform musical pieces composed by the members of the choirs. Every four years, students in choir compose original music to be performed at thei...

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