Seniors Excited After Early Dismissal Announcement

Destiny Albrecht, Staff writer

Admin has finally addressed the surrounding rumors concerning the class of ‘23 getting out a week early, after the tradition was questioned for a considerable amount of time.

Many seniors expressed their opinions about this rumor during class time and passing periods. The question is why it was doubted in the first place.

According to senior Nick Petrocelli, many of his teachers were saying that the tradition goes against state laws and the school shouldn’t have been doing it at all.

Other teachers say that they were just ending the tradition in order to keep everything and everyone on the same schedule, with finals and official grades.

According to senior Aurora Dewitt, however, it was a parent on the Facebook page that started the rumor.

“It’s just stupid, in my opinion,” Petrocelli said. “Is it really that big of a deal to the administration? If we get all of our finals out of the way, like they normally let seniors do, then I don’t really see a problem with the early dismissal.”

Dewitt has similar thoughts on the issue.

“It was shocking not to hear it from administration,” Dewitt said. “I was looking forward to having a week before graduation with friends and not worrying about school. I almost got that taken away from me and that would’ve upset me so much.”

It’s not only graduating students that were upset about this, but underclassmen who feel that they would also miss out on the tradition in the future. 

Sophomore Maggie Moseley feels that if admin were to take away the tradition after already getting rid of the valedictorian title for her graduation class, then many students would be agitated even more.

“It just feels like we’ve been deprived of the high school graduation experience,” Moseley said. “I mean, we grew up with shows and movies depicting people graduating and the valedictorian giving this whole speech that I know a couple of my friends really wanted to do. I think if they were to take away getting out a week early too, it wouldn’t sit well with people.”

She believes that with admin creating a ton of new rules, her class is missing out on the anticipation leading up to graduating.

However, admin made it official and confirmed in announcements and Schoology that seniors are officially getting out early this year.

“I’m just hoping it stays this way without the school trying to change the rules yet again,” Petrocelli said.