The Cleveland Clowns Are the NFL’s Worst Bet

If you’ve kept up with the NFL offseason at all, you’ve surely heard the obnoxious hype over the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns made a huge splash back in March when trading for receiver Odell Beckham Jr., and their fans were expecting instant production. Well, Beckham did the exact opposite. Instead of making waves for his performance (7 rec. for 71 yards), he made waves over wearing a $350,000 watch. Not only was it Beckham’s ridiculous showing that made headlines, but it was also the team’s lack of discipline.

The Browns had 18 penalties yesterday — just three shy of their own franchise record and five shy of an NFL record.

All this does is show people what lack of control head coach Freddie Kitchens has in his locker room. He’s too busy spending his time catering to these multi-millionaire babies that want everything perfect for them, rather than teaching them lessons and showing them what tough love is.

If I were Kitchens, I would’ve been concerned from the start. This was his first NFL game as a head coach. On top of having such a stressful position in a city hungry for a successful sports franchise, he had to listen to all of the noise around the locker room and the league about his team.

Colin Cowherd put it best.

“Cleveland, you had no business, even one time, calling yourself dangerous; you were nothing more than interesting.”

Cowherd is right: the team has no recent success, whether it be playoff berths or even a winning season.

Simply put, you can’t walk around pretending like you’re the best team in the league when you’ve done nothing to prove it.

Everyone was so ready to crown Cleveland the Super Bowl champions before the season even started. The Browns will be nothing more than paper champions. Sure, your roster looks great, but with no experience together and a first-year head coach, you’re destined to struggle.

Enjoy your mediocrity, Cleveland.