Epenesa Ceremoniously Deemed All-American

Lily Grieve, A&E Editor

Every year, 90 of America’s most prominent high school football stars team up and face off in the Army All-American Bowl. Many NFL greats like Odell Beckham Jr., Andrew ...  Read More »

October 20, 2016

Fantasy Football Becomes Reality for EHS Students

October 18, 2016

Following the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles and debates over the protests of players such as Colin Kaepernick, many St. Louisans are choosing...  Read More »

Standout Senior Swimmer Commits to Tennessee

October 14, 2016

This summer, senior swimmer Bailey Grinter represented Edwardsville at the Olympic Trials. Next year, she will be representing her hometown at...  Read More »

Ultimate Frisbee: Most Dangerous Sport Known to Man?

September 22, 2016

Thunk! That’s the sound of a plastic Frisbee hitting my nose. That sound is followed by blood and bruising.  Nothing good comes out of...  Read More »

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Student Life

Spanish Soap Operas Sound through the EHS Halls

Jane Thompson, Co-Editor

It’s Friday at EHS. A teacher instructs a student to turn off the lights in the classroom. The sound of desks being dragged across the tile can be heard from classes below as students re-position themselves for a better view of the PolyVision board. The teacher logs into Netflix and selects the box marked “English subtitles.” It’s time to watch another episode...  Read More »

Drum Majors, Color Guard Discuss Themes of Marching Band Show

Erin Morrisey, Staff Writer

For some, Friday nights are ideal for watching their favorite football teams compete for glory. For the EHS Marching Band, Friday nights are warm-ups for future competitions. Band performances, while full of energy and excitement, can be difficult to follow. They can sometimes appear as only an exhibition of the musical talents of the marching band. Drum majors—the...  Read More »

Millennials: Is the Struggle Real?

Erin Morrisey, Staff Writer

Millennials are often mocked for their ridiculous slang, laziness and overall sense of entitlement. This final generation born in the 20th century offers commentary on the negative observations and stereotypes made about them. Millennials, as defined by CBS News, is the group of about 80 million who were “raised by doting parents who told them they were special....  Read More »

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EHS Bleeds Orange, Black and Bleh

Editorial Board

At EHS football games, it's not a surprise that student fans are packed into every nook and cranny of the far side of the bleachers. Whether it’s 70 degrees or cold and...  Read More »

September 22, 2016

  • Top 8 Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming September 22, 2016
  • Courting a Change for Homecoming September 22, 2016
  • Friendships: You’re Toxic I’m Slippin’ Under September 15, 2016

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Is Bigger Always Better?

Hannah Willmore, Views Editor

As the lights dim, the bass begins to pump through the air as the crowd wildly cheers. The artist steps out on stage, increasing the sound of the applause and beginning the...  Read More »

October 13, 2016

  • Artist, Message Variety Brings Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ to Fans October 13, 2016
  • My Chemical Romance Comes Back From the ‘Dead!’ September 22, 2016
  • Drum Majors, Color Guard Discuss Themes of Marching Band Show September 22, 2016

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