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Stress to Impress

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Students walk past Thorne Hall at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

From the minute they stepped foot in EHS, some of this year’s seniors have been preparing for that early action deadline of Nov. 1. The college admissions process is not for the weak. 

“I probably started thinking about college in third, fourth, or fifth grade,” senior Jacob McKey said. “But now, in high school, I’ve been able to take more real steps toward it, as in joining clubs and trying to make my extracurriculars stand out.”

McKey’s extensive portfolio includes his position of Student Council President, drama club, volleyball and various honor societies.

This summer, McKey attended Harvard’s Pre-College Summer School program. There, he studied biology, a field he’s considering majoring in, and met an entirely new crowd of high school students.

“It’s just a bit of a different academic culture [on the east coast],” McKey said. “These feeder schools are made to get kids into really good colleges; they stay very up to date with educational advancements and apply them at a quick and growing rate.”

Even with all its guidance counselors, AP classes offered and endless opportunities to get involved, Edwardsville High School is not an east coast feeder school, so some students might have to put in extra time if they’re looking at applying to an Ivy.

McKey said the applications alone almost feel like a part-time job.

In a survey of 86 seniors, 95.3% plan to attend college in the fall of 2024. And with every deadline, essay or mock interview, some of those students are beginning to realize that their senior year is not the stress-free fantasy it was made out to be.

Still, some are fortunate enough to be able to look past the stress of college admissions and focus on enjoying the year. 

 “At first when I was writing my essay and submitting my applications, I was super stressed at all times,” senior Anna Zude said. “But now, I’ve already gotten into a few colleges so I’m slightly more relieved, although I still have a few tough decisions to make when committing.”

Zude’s optimistic approach might just be something others can look up to.


About the Contributor
Georgia Gaughan
Georgia Gaughan, Student Life Editor
Georgia Gaughan is a second-year journalism student at EHS. She is the student life editor for The Claw and Tiger Times Online. Outside of journalism, Georgia is the vice president of National Honor Society and enjoys planning homecoming with student council. Her favorite month is October and she will never pass up the opportunity to eat at a new Mexican restaurant. After high school, she hopes to major in finance at Purdue University but will continue to write for student publications in college.