Coronavirus’s Continued Impact and The Financial Fix

Jack Pifer, Views Editor

COVID 19’s impact is stretching further and further into the future as events that are months away continue to face cancellations.

Another two weeks away from school for Illinois students, no Tokyo Summer Olympics until 2021 and the continued closure of restaurants and businesses throughout the United States.

Nearly every business that can provide exclusively curbside pickup during this time will offer it with the exclusion of grocery stores. 

This lockdown of sorts, while a necessary evil, puts many small business owners in jeopardy. 

According to USA Today, Jessica Fialkovich, president of a western branch of Transworld Business Advisors, estimates that about 40 percent of small firms overall are shedding employees with many of those businesses only have 30-60 days of cash reserve.

However, there is hope for everyone in the form of a bailout package bill currently undergoing review by the senate. It is unknown when it will be passed, but there is a sense of urgency surrounding it.

The two trillion dollar package is broken down into many parts, with $250 billion to individuals and families with each adult eligible for up to $1200 based on income and an additional $500 for each child.

Unemployment insurance will increase to a maximum of $600 per week for four months.

The health system will receive $130 billion and states and localities are to receive $150 billion.

Then for small businesses there will be a $367 billion fund for small business loans, many of which will be forgivable. Lastly $500 billion will go to larger businesses that have been hit hard such as Airlines.

The stock market already had already jumped up 13 percent in less than 48 hours by Mar 25 when the deal was near completion.

While this stimulus to the market was a quick response may help fed off a recession, there are still months of uncertainty ahead for Americans.